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DEWATS & Operation and maintenance

DEWATS provides an effective, low-maintenance means to treat wastewater with high prospects for implementing at scale.

Pollution of water resources through uncontrolled discharge of wastewater is remaining a major concern. An estimated 90% of all wastewater in developing countries is discharged untreated directly into rivers, lakes or the oceans (UN Water, 2008).

Conventional wastewater treatment systems are often inadequate, where urbanisation and growth of informal settlements do not allow for these systems to be implemented. Additionally, these systems require a lot of investment, and much effort is required to maintain the standard that the system is supposed to achieve. It is therefore that there is a need for reliable, efficient and low-cost treatment systems, such as Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems

Advantages of DEWATS technology (Borda):
• Provides treatment for domestic and industrial wastewater
• Low initial investment costs as no imported materials or components are needed
• Efficient treatment for daily wastewater flows of up to 1000m3
• Modular design of all components
• Tolerant towards inflow fluctuations
• Reliable and long-lasting construction design
• Low maintenance costs



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