Strategic Asset Management & Operation and maintenance

SAM can lead to informed decision making about asset management and investment requirements that maximize the service delivery potential, minimize related risks of water and wastewater system assets and contribute to the financial sustainability of service providers.

The OMN acknowledges the importance of Strategic Asset Management (SAM) of urban water and wastewater infrastructure everywhere. It follows Allbee’s idea (in Alegre et. al, 2007) that “no matter where you are in the world, service providers have in common the goal of the sustainable delivery of high quality and reliable services, considering the environment and maximising the value of the physical investment”.

Where Operation and maintenance (O&M) is taken to mean the entirety of the process required to manage and maintain water and wastewater infrastructure without including the development and construction of new infrastructure. This does not include rehabilitation programs nor the long term planning necessary to comply with an efficient management of the assets.Asset management does include this and through balancing cost, risk and performance provides a comprehensive approach to determine the lowest cost options and deliver the highest level of service over time. This simultaneously supports the optimization of the work that O&M personnel have to carry out.

It is therefore that the OMN continues to promote Strategic Asset Management as a means to improve operation and maintenance of systems.

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IWA Strategic Asset Management Specialist group
The role of the SAM Specialist Group is to promote the development of knew knowledge
and leverage the implementation of best practices. 


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