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Enabling into Advisory mechanism 

A significant barrier to effective urban water and sanitation service
delivery in low and middle
income countries is the lack of attention
to operation and maintenance of assets. In response to this situation
a technical advisory service has been developed to provide technical
assistance to staff from qualifying agencies on aspects of operation
and maintenance. 





Who is the service for?
The O&M Advisory Service is targeted at specific organizations, working in low and middle
income countries, including:
• National governments
• Local governments
• Service providers / Utilities
• Non governmental organisations (NGOs);
• Other institutions involved in O&M of water and wastewater services

What do we offer?
We can provide advice on O&M queries related to:
• Performance indicators, assessment & improvement
• Design and construction considerations for O&M
• Documenting standard operating procedures (SOPs)
• Documenting emergency operating procedures (EOPs)
• Strategic asset management
• Information systems and data management
• Non-revenue Water management
• Cost benefit analysis
• Technologies and O&M requirements

How does it work
The O&M Advisory Service will provide technical assistance to staff from agencies from
low and middle income countries who work on, or require advice regarding all aspects of
operation and maintenance.

The service operates in two ways:

  • Specific technical requests - Remote advisory support online
  • General requests for onsite support and capacity building - expert does rapid assessment
    of system's operation and maintenance and supports the prioritization of challenges and
    development of plan to overcome the challenges

How to process a query
Both forms of advisory requests for support are processed through an online submission form
that you can access here or by clicking on "advisory requests" in the top menu. Under the tap
"My advisory request" click on new, fill out the required details and categorize your request.
You can attach a document to explain in more detail the request and or showcase the context
in which your organization works. Then you click on save and submit and wait until you receive
an email saying that someone responded to your request. You may feel free to post as many
requests on different O&M topics as you want.

How to share your expertise
To review advisory requests of others and or respond to their advisory requests, click on the tab
"All advisory requests". Here you will see a list of them that you can view in detail by double
clicking on the request. Please share your expertise and experience through responding on
their advisory requests.


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