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Below there are relevant organizations/networks that the Operation and Maintenance
Network cooperates with in order to improve O&M. There is a brief description on what
they do and a link to their respective websites.


Rural Water Supply Network

The Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) is a global knowledge network, of 2000 individual
and practitioners, which is thematic in nature, focusing on four flagships:
cost-effective boreholes, self
supply, sustainable rural water supplies and handpump
technologies. RWSN acts as a depository of
knowledge and provides support to sector
partners; it pools the experience and expertise of its members and
places the results of
their work in the public domain through the production of publications and international

specifications. RWSN has freely accessible resources regarding these four flagships.



Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management Toolbox

This open-source toolbox contains a large amount of free factsheets on sustainable water
management, sanitation, and how agriculture relates to them. It helps you to get an
overview and prioritise local problems, and then presents a selection of both
hardware tools / technologies and software approaches that could be of help in solving
those problems. Furthermore, the toolbox also contains a large “planning and process tools
section”. The SSWM Toolbox provides access from comprehensive factsheets of tools and
approaches, supporting technical documents and further readings to case studies, awareness
and training materials – even ready made powerpoints on many subjects are available! –
topped with links, an interactive glossary, and a large library.


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