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Workshop: “The Critical Role of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) in Water Safety Plan Performance” 

As a part of the 3rd IWA Development Congress & Exhibition in Nairobi , the O&M Network and members of IWA’s WSP Specialists Group will carry out the workshop “The Critical Role of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) in Water Safety Plan Performance” on Wednesday 16th of October. This workshop aims to help water utilities understand the relationships between WSP performance and O&M via the presentation of case studies, experiences and tools. This will also be a very good opportunity to discuss next steps, how to measure performance and the link between WSP and Strategic Asset Management (SAM). So if you are interested in the workshop please contact Camilo Munoz (Camilo.munoz@iwahq.org) for more information.” 

IWA Water Utility Efficiency Assessment Matrix: A point of departure for improving utility efficiency

IWA has developed the Water Utility Efficiency Assessment Matrix, a free tool which aims to help Governments and utility managers to assess why some utilities function well and can be considered efficient whilst others struggle to provide adequate service. The tool considers the efficiency in the following six areas:

   1. Corporate Governance
   2. Human Resources
   3. Accountability towards Customers
   4. Financial
   5. Commercial
   6. Technical

The IWA Water Utility Efficiency Assessment Matrix gives an initial snapshot about the condition of the Water Utility that can be used in a later stage for decision making on more in-depth analysisThe tool doesn’t have a steep learning curve and the time requirements depend on the level of organization of information within the Water Utility. 

For more information and the download options of tool and documentation please click here

Online O&M advisory service

The OMN is proud to announce their online system for the advisory service. This online system allows for interactive networking, where you as member can request advice from other sector professionals, and provide response and share your experience to support others facing O&M challenges. Click here to read more and click here to download information on the service in pdf format. Feel free to distribute this pdf to those in your network that could be interested in using the service.    

WSPortal regional platforms now available 

The website to the Global WSPortal now has regional platforms for the Asia PacificLatin American and Caribbean and African WSP Networks. This allows a better information flow between stakeholders focused on same region and the promotion of activities such as Water Operator Partnerships, WSP training, and Advisory service. To read more about the regional platforms click here.


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