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Posted below are the upcoming events that IWA and/ or partners are staging, which
carry relevancy for the O&M theme. The title will link you to the site of the specific event.

Upcoming events 


Previous events

  • LESAM 2013 - IWA Leading-Edge Strategic Asset Management - Sydney, Australia
    10-Sept-13 - 12-Sept-13
  • IWA Development Congress 2013 - Nairobi, Kenya
    14-Oct-13 - 17-Oct-13
  • 7th IWA Specialist Conference on Efficient Use & Management of Water - Paris, France
    22-Oct-13 - 25-Oct-13
  • IWA Conference on Decentralized Wastewater managementNagpur India, 20-23 November 2012
    This conference is the fourth of a series of IWA conferences organised in Asia. The objective is to build capacity and awareness of DEWATS as a viable sanitation option for countries in Asia to enhance sanitation coverage and service delivery in the urban environment and provide a cost-effective means for treating wastewater. 
  • IWA/ WHO Water Safety ConferenceKampala Uganda, 13-15 November 2012
    The third edition of the IWA/WHO Water Safety conference is organised by IWA and NWSC and co-sponosred by WHO. The event will bring together global practitioners, researchers and decision makers to discuss best practices and emerging trends for improving safety of global water supplies. 
  • Water loss Europe, Ferrara Italy, 23-25 May 2012
    The Conference is the first regional event following a series of successful IWA water loss reduction speciality conferences Water Loss Europe 2012 is intended to present and discuss the latest developments, strategies, techniques and applications of international best practices in Non-Revenue Water Management.
  • O&M Water Middle East, Abu Dhabi UAE, 16-17 April
    The only conference in the Middle East to tackle O&M in water and wastewater treatment and desalination, providing a unique opportunity to discuss and learn about cost- reduction strategies, understand efficient O&M management and explore new technologies to support O&M. At a time when governments around the GCC are heavily investing in water to address the rising water demands globally, it is crucial for asset owners and contractors to stay up to date with the latest
    advances in the field in order to inform your organisation's ongoing O&M strategy.
  • Water loss UK, Birmingham United Kingdom, 26-27 March 2012
    The third Water Loss UK seminar will be held with the aim to hear presentations from experts and practitioners on the current and emerging issues which could impact on leakage management in the UK.
  • 6th World Water Forum, Marseille France 12-17 March 2012
    The goal of the 6th World Water Forum is to tackle the challenges our world is facing and to bring water high on all political agendas. The forum has developed 12 priorities and 3 conditions of success.
  • Water loss 2012, Manilla Philippines 26-29 February 2012
    The conference is the sixth event in a series of IWA water loss reduction speciality conferences. Water Loss 2012 was brought to Asia to address the pressing need for improved water utility efficiency in this part of the world. It intends to present and discuss the latest developments, strategies, techniques and applications of international best practices in Non-Revenue Water Management.
  • 16th AFWA International Congress and Exhibition, Marrakech Morocco, 20-23 February 2012
    The 16th African Water Association International Congress and Exhibition is particularly significant
    in terms of turnout and diversity and will showcase state of the art technologies relating to water
    and sanitation while enhancing contacts and partnerships. The theme is collaborative mechanisms
    and innovation for sustainable development of water and sanitation sector in Africa. The 21st of
    February is dedicated entirely to Asset management options and operation and maintenance.
  • ACWUA's 4th best practices conference, Sharm Al Sheikh, Egypt, 7-8 December 2011
    ACWUA will cease the opportunity through its Best Practices conferences platform and employ
    the topic of utilities reform. Utility reform, the congress’ theme, is there to understand, identify
    and enable change in utilities that are underperforming. IWA, through OMN, will stage an
    international workshop that illustrates that strategic asset management can be an approach
    to enable change in a utility.
  • Development Congress Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia 21-24th November 2011
    Following its predecessor in Mexico 2009, this is the 2nd IWA development Congress.
    The Congress aims to identify, showcase and debate practical experiences and examples
    of service provision in developing countries that ‘work’, and critically, ‘work at large scale’.
    The Congress is therefore explicitly solutions focused, rather than diagnosing the challenges
    and problems in the sector, which are already well documented.
  • LESAM conference, Müllheim and den Ruhr, Germany, 27-30th September 2011
    Leading Edge Strategic Asset Management conference 2011 will provide an opportunity to
    discuss developments at the leading-edge in these and other fields to an audience of utility
    personnel, regulators and consultants. It will be focused on the techniques, technologies and
    management approaches aiming at optimizing the investment in infrastructure while achieving
    required customer services standards. OMN will be represented at the conference, where two
    Network members, Mr Ian Nzali Banda (MD Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company Zambia)
    and Mr João Feliciano (AGS, management and administration of municipal systems, Portugal)
    have started to review the transferability of knowledge to become applicable in Low and Middle
    income countries. The synthesis will be presented at the Development Congress (see below)
  • 43rd IWWA Chennai Water Convention, Chennai, India 11-13th January 2011
    The IWWA organizes conventions through its centers across the country every year.
    These conventions turn out to be very live and important events attracting large number
    of professionals from all over the country and also from the World over. The convention
    provides a very good platform for its members academicians, and industrialists to exchange
    their views. The convention also brings in expertise from abroad since professional experts
    from foreign countries also participate. The OMN will host a one day workshop focusing on
    two of the main subthemes of the convention: Asset management and O&M of sewerage
    schemes. Click here to read outcome and a small report on asset management.

  • Arab Water Week Jordan 4-9 December 2010
    This will be the first Annual conference of ACWUA where the theme will be Cost recovery at
    water and wastewater utilities: Achievements, Challenges and Solutions. The OMN arranged
    a keynote on reduction of cost and increase of revenue through operation and maintenance.
    Click here to read the speech provided by Mr Hassan Abdullah, general manager of the Samra
    wastewater treatment plant in Amman Jordan.

  • IWA-WHO Water Safety Conference Kuching, Malaysia 2 - 4 November 2010
    This global conference will address all issues related to drinking water safety - research
    practice and policies. The OMN will convene a day's workshop divided into three sessions.
    The first one will focus on how Water Safety Plans is an instrument for identifying and driving
    forward operation and maintenance improvements. The second session focuses on operational
    and water quality monitoring and the third session is intended to map the knowledge needs
    regarding O&M. For access to the presentations click here.

  • University of North Carolina (UNC) conference “Water and Health: Where Science Meets Policy,”
    A pre-conference workshop entitled “Water Safety Plans – Identifying future research priorities”
    will be held on the 24th of October 2010.
    The aim of the workshop is to provide a synthesis of
    existing research related to Wate Safety Plans, and develop consensus on future research
    priorities for a range of WSP applications, from urban water utilities in high income countries
    to small community supplies in low income countries. The session will be coordinated by UNC,
    the Latin America and Caribbean Water Safety Plan Network, the International Water Association
    (IWA), UNICEF and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The workshop will take
    place at the same venue as the main conference, the William and Ida Friday Center for
    Continuing Education

  • Utility Leaders Forum Swaziland 17-19 October 2010
    Where utility leaders come together to discuss pathways to a financially sustainable utility.
    OMN showcased a best practice case where effective O&M decreased expenditure, by 
    reducing energy costs. 

  • World Water Congress and Exhibition  Montréal, Canada 19 - 24 Septemer 2010
    The IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition will bring together 3,000 like-minded
    water professionals to advance their common goal of sustainable water management.
    The OMN will be represented in the workshop "Drinking Water Safety - Household to
    cities", where we will talk about fulfilling water safety through effective O&M at the city
    as well as O&M of household technologies and community management. 

  • World Water Week Stockholm, Sweden 5-11 September 2010
    This year's theme of the World Water Week is The Water Quality Challenge. The
    intention is to deepen the understanding of, stimulate ideas on, and engage
    the water community around the challenges related to water quality. The OMN
    will provide input into the Thursday afternoon (9September) session "Water Safety
    Plan Up-scaling implementation through Water Operator Partnerships and maximizing
    Investment Benefits." We have requested UN-Habitat to present a case where O&M has
    reduced energy costs. 

  • Water loss 2010  São Paulo, Brasil 6 - 9 June 2010
    Water Loss 2010 was intended to present and discuss the latest developments, strategies,
    techniques and applications of international best practices in water loss assessment,
    management, leakage reduction and control, improvements of customer metering.
    For the fist time, Water Loss was brought to the South America Region in order to
    address the pressing need for improved water utility efficiency in this part of the world.
    The Operation and Maintenance Network was promoted during this event.

  • Joint workshop Thematic Working Group WSH and Operation and Maintenance Network
    Laos (26-28 May 2010)
    This workshop focused on regional operation and maintenance issues and challenges.
    The objectives are to examine the role of operation and maintenance on the management
    of drinking water supplies, with emphasis on water quality and to encourage participating
    countries to develop national operations and maintenance frameworks. To access the
    presentations of the event please click here.

  • The International African Water and Sanitation Congress (AFWA)
    Kampala, Uganda 15-18 March 2010
    This was the 15th edition of the international African congress where objectives were to improve
    knowledge of its members, facilitate information exchange on drinking water, sanitation and
    environmental issues as well as encourage networking, building contacts and cooperation
    amongst different sector professionals. The Operation and Maintenance Network launched this
    website during this event.

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