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Partners & responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities

The coordinator of the network
is the National Institute of Public Health of Japan (NIPH).

The coordinator supervises the overall functioning of the network. They lead the process
of preparation, revision and monitoring the work and are responsible for fund raising.
Additionally, they organize O&M sessions in major global water and sanitation events 
and are the hosts of the network's website.

The secretariat of the network is the International Water Association (IWA).

The secretariat pr
ovides overall assistance to the effective functioning of the network. 
They lead the implementation of specific tasks of the work plan and undertake financial

management of the network. They support the coordinator in fund raising, organizing
of network events and in maintaining the network website. Furthermore
, they
coordinate the interaction between IWA's relevant Specialist groups and the Network.

The founder of the network is the World Health Organization (WHO).

The WHO will continue its association with the network, by participating in the revision
and publication of the O&M tools. They are active in the preparation and implementation
of the Water Safety Plans. Additionally, together with the IWA they are responsible
to channel funds within the network.

The core group exists of representatives of the abovementioned three organizations.
These are complemented by specialists whose expertise cover different aspects of O&M

The core group provides integrated and comprehensive technical
and policy advice

for the coordinator and secretariat concerning O&M activities at global, regional and
national levels. Furthermore, they provide support in implementing the work plan.

The members of the network are practitioners, researchers, consultants, policy makers and 
other sector professionals interested in this theme.

The members prepare and revise O&M tools and promote the need for action towards effective
O&M. Besides that they disseminate the information and knowledge developed by the network
and exchange information with other members.

IWA specialist groups (SGs) such as Strategic Asset Management SG, Water Safety Plan SG, Design
Operation and Costs of Large Wastewater Treatment Plants, Design, Operation and Maintenance
of Drinking Water Treatment Plants, and Small water and wastewater systems, Water loss SG,
Benchmarking and performance Assessment SG, Efficient Urban Water Management SG. These are
groups with experts related to certain aspects of Operation and Management of water and sanitation
systems. Where 
most of its expertise in developed countries, increasingly activities in low and middle
income are being undertaken.

Some of the experts provide technical support to the members of the O&M network. Additionally,

they facilitate the exchange of information and assess the applicability of their produced tools in developing

countries. Together with the O&M network they undertake action to improve O&M in these countries.



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