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About the website

Who is the website and toolbox for?

The website and the toolbox are intended for those sector professionals and other parties with responsibility for O&M practices in developing countries. The OMN and the contents of the toolbox rely on experts submitting tools and case studies and commenting on them.  

By registering your details as a member, it is possible for you to download, upload
and rate documents. Having registered and logged into the site, it is possible to
upload information by clicking on 'Update Toolbox'. All submitted tools and case
studies are subject to review before they are displayed.

The toolbox

Tools: The tools section provides full text resources (manuals, guidelines, checklists 
and other reference documents) which can be adapted to support sector
professionals in their role. You can only download the tools if you are registered as
a Network member. Access the tool index here.

Case studies: present lessons-learned from actual experience; intended to make 
O&M concepts concrete and to help practitioners anticipate issues and challenges
that may arise. You can only download the case studies if you are registered as a
Network member. You can access the case study index here.

The toolbox can also be accessed via the animation on the home page and
via the top menu.

The O&M Advisory Service

The O&M Advisory Service is accessible to qualifying agencies only.  Further information
is available

The search function

On all pages within this website you can enter a search request. The search results
provide you with titles of all tools that are related to your request. You will have the
opportunity to view all tools/case studies and or go to a specific toolbox category to
find other documents related to your request. You will only be able to download the
if you are a registered member.






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